Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where to Start?

Some times I think I have too many interests, other times I look at my life and wonder what I have done with all my time. One of the constants has alway been music. In school I was one of the band nurds, playing in the concert and marching band. (Carlisle, Ohio till 1966) In high school I added chorus and became more taken with vocal music.

In the early 60's I started to play guitar also, and was turned on by the "Grate American Folk Scare". Hootenanny was on TV and everyone wanted to sing like the Kingston Trio. When I heard the Trios (Kingston or Chad Mitchel or the LimeLighters) there was guitar. banjo, and bass for musical backing, but there was something WRONG with the banjo. Then I heard and saw Flatt and Scruggs on Hootenanny one night and I found out what was missing from the banjo, D R I V E.

I had been around guitars and banjos for as long as I could remember. My dad plays guitar mostly for his own and the family's enjoyment, and on trips to visit my grandparents in Kentucky I would get to hear my grandfather (dad's side) play some "drop-thumb" on an old open back banjo that is now hanging on the wall in our music room.
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